Ethan Scarlett

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Ethan Scarlett

Ethan Joseph Scarlett (born August 4, 1992) is a WFPF affiliated free runner from Auckland, New Zealand.[1]

He started free running in 2007, and is a member and co-founder of Invictus Performance Team.

Ethan is most well known in the community for his handstand ability and his cleanliness and flow in both his parkour training and his free running moves.

Besides free running, Ethan is also interested in film making and editing, with many of his more recent projects involving large amounts of editing.


Film/TV appearances

  • IAMTV (2009)
    Ethan appears on IAMTV help promote freerunning in New Zealand with Matt Quinlan, this episode also featured a Wallspin Competition between the two
  • C4 : Vodafone Select Live (2009)
    Ethan appears on C4 to show the similarities between Freerunning in real life and in video games, and also teaches Drew Neemia some basic Parkour moves
  • Maori Television : Hyundai Code (2009)
    Ethan performs live on Code
  • Pacific Beat Street (2009)
    Ethan and the team do a piece on the past, present and future of freerunning in New Zealand, and the dreams the Team has for the Parkour and Freerunning community
  • Hangman : DO IT (Music Video) (2009)
    Ethan is seen performing various freerunning moves in this music video for New Zealand
  • PMBV VS DTZ (2009)
    Ethan stunt doubled an actor portraying an athletic zombie in this comedy/slasher film


  • Sony PS3 inFamous Game Launch (2009)
    Ethan, alongside three of his other team mates performed a parkour and freerunning event to promote the exclusive to Sony PS3 game; inFamous

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