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Filip "Flippad" Ljungberg (born September 1 1984[1]) is a free runner from Sweden and member of the Air Wipp team. After showing an interest in jumps and flips at an early age, he took up gymnastics at the age of twelve, and has been a member of the same gymnastics club ever since[1].

[edit] Biography

In the year 2002, he formed a street acrobatics team and in 2003 they made their own movie called SaltomortaleZ. The following year he joined another group called 2vault.[1]

He suffered a serious injury to his ACL (anterior cruciate ligament), and doctors told him it was hopeless and that he would never be able to use his full capacity in acrobatics again, but after surgery and 9 months of rehabilitation he proved them wrong and became even stronger than before. To improve his technique and prevent the same injuries, he practices both gymnastics and weight lifting almost 7 days a week.[1]

In 2009 he entered Barclaycard World Freerun Championships but didn't reach the finals.

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