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British Gymnastics are currently running a Freestyle Gymnastics add-on module class to be taught to gymnastics coaches, who will then be qualified to coach the course themselves[1]. The course is based on free running, parkour and tricking.

[edit] History

Originally British Gymnastics issued the following official statement excluding itself from parkour, free running and street stunts[2]:


Parkour is a form of street gymnastics and may be considered to be extreme gymnastics. Exponents of this rapidly growing activity are turning to British Gymnastics Gymnastic Clubs and Coaches for advice and training.

This extremely dangerous activity involves the performance of gymnastic type movements: flics, somersaults, wall based somersaults and vaulting over railings and over outdoor surfaces – usually concrete. BG recognises that by providing appropriate training, BG Coaches could help to ensure that the participants are aware of the high risk involved in this activity. Gymnastics Coaches would, no doubt, emphasise the importance of good physical preparation and also teach how to safely learn the various skills in a safe situation. BG must also be concerned with the adverse effects that a series of serious accidents might have on our sport and the resultant escalation in insurance costs for all our members if we were to adopt this activity.

After careful consideration, BG recommends that, where Clubs accommodate potential exponents of this activity by enrolling them in Gymnastics classes, Coaches would only then teach the skills within the coaching syllabus, providing the participants are associate members of BG, and thereby have adequate insurance whilst in the gymnasium.

However, it must be stressed that for any skills taught outside the Coach’s qualification (syllabus content), the BG insurance may be invalid. Furthermore, it is very important to emphasise that once the participants move outside the gymnasium or organised display arena, they are not in a BG regulated situation and will not be covered by the BG insurance policy.

It is recognised that this activity may become very popular, but BG is concerned that any adverse publicity or increase in accidents may adversely affect all our members. British Gymnastics believes that the strategy outlined above is reasonable and appropriate.

The term ‘Parkour’ should not be used when advertising British Gymnastics classes, or when registering participants, as this may falsely indicate that BG is encouraging this activity."

However, in 2009, BG started running Freestyle Gymnastics courses which teach the skills found in free running[1].

[edit] Syllabus

Details of the course content are shown below[1]

[edit] Notes

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