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A standing gainer 720 or gainer double full is a free running move which consists of a gainer with two full twists. It has only been landed outdoors by relatively few people. This move is not to be confused with the running gainer 720.

[edit] History

Jenx performing the first gainer 720

Ben 'Jenx' Jenkin was the first to land the gainer 720 outside. He first did it in July 2008 onto sand from a height of about 9 feet[1] off of a metal structure which seems to be some sort of seating arrangement.[2]

He attempted the move again in front of a much larger crowd in August 2008 at the 3RUN Family Jam[3], as did Piptrix[citation needed].

He later released the first video of a gainer 720 onto grass in "Jenx Unfinished Showreel 2008", where it was followed immediately by a gymnastic roll into a frontflip.

Since then, gainer 720s have beem landed on sand by others including Andres Torres[4] and Daniel Brenes[citation needed].

[edit] Notes

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