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Ismail Ma3l Wahab (Born August 8,1996) Is a free runner from Singapore who has been training for 3 years in the eastern side of the country.Ismail has train with many different groups,most of them are no longer active. -The Premiere ,5'Oclock,Cats of The East, and some are with his childhood friends.

Ismail is one of the original members of an underground freeruning group called Olympus which started at the south of Bedok.


[edit] Trademark for Olympus

There is another group called Olympus in the United States of America,though it is unknown to them there is another group of freerunners in Singapore that has the similar name as them,Ismail is filming a showreel to win back the name Olympus.The showreel is said to be posted in 2012

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