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A jam is a gathering or event organised by traceurs or free runners giving them the chance to meet up with each other and train their skills together. Due to the friendly nature of most free running and parkour communities, going to a jam is seen as a good way to meet new people, learn from others and perhaps gain a fresh new approach to their training philosophy.

A jam could consist of anywhere from two people to hundreds. Jams are usually organised by local communities, groups of friends, or larger communities trying to bring people together even from abroad[1].


[edit] Comparison with other training methods

Going to a jam can be preferable to training by yourself, because with more people there, you could try out new techniques and new routes which you would not have thought of yourself, and gain inspiration and motivation by watching others, as well as learning directly from them.

However, some free runners disagree with large jams as they can create a competitive atmosphere, encouraging participants to try attempt moves which are too high risk[citation needed], and added pressure of a large amount of people watching could be a distraction.

[edit] Linguistics

The phrase jam may have originated from the American term jamboree which describes musicians getting together and practicing together, but nobody really knows for sure[citation needed][2].

[edit] Notable organisers

[edit] Notes

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