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Jordan Wilcox (Born April/19/1993) Is a Young man who is a unique athlete Creating his own style and living the sport of Freerunning. Photos Of Jordan Here:[1]

Jordan Is from the West Midlands of England in a town called Cheltenham. He Started his journey of Freerunning at the age of 12 and then continued to progress and evolve his style and learn new movements, Some that people would not think could actually physically work.

Jordans Favourite hobby is Freerunning and loves to train, perform and just loves the whole aspect. It began because since the age of a small infant he used to run around climbing areas, Climbing trees and generally being adventurous until at the age of 12 when he realised there was a name for creative movement being expressed in which ever way feels creative to yourself to get from point A to point B was by using the internet to type in "flips, Stunts" etc and it answered Freerunning.



Now Jordan kept training around his area of Cheltenham, Discovering new spots and areas ideal for his movment, Learning more and more, gaining flow, Listening to his body and the movement. He had an idea of uploading footage he started to gather and started producing videos of himself and growing a fan base on youtube.[2] One of Jordans unique points is his creative style and movement and is also noticeable by his appearance, 1 example is his like to the colour red. he later noticed that the sport was increasingly growing in population and discovered by various forum websites that Other freerunners created jams and gatherings. Jordan Jammed and got together with lots of other freerunners because it is a way socializing with the community of other freerunners and sharing the love for the sport as well as training together.


Until the age of 14 Freerunning was purely just an amazing activity for Jordan to do, Then he was noticed firstly by the Gloucestershire Echo Newspaper who wrote an article constructing of 2 pages all about him and freerunning, Then at 15 he was sponsored. This widened the opportunity for him and decided to aggree to sponsorship and promotion. Now it became a professional experience for him. He has performed in many different locations now for many companies and organisations to generally give people that have not heard of Freerunning to have the chance to be involved with something such as this. for example Jordan has worked at Sports Displays, events, featured in Documentaries and starred in many different bits of tv, media and internet sources etc. Jordan likes to expand the knowledge and would like the public to see Parkour and freerunning as a way of fitness, to show Freerunning is a healthy and acceptable lifestyle.

Jordan now is invloved with lots of practitioners from around the globe and is involved with his sponsors. His sponsors have been great step to him from over the years of being involved, setting up bits of media to get in with and from there he has promoted himself, Getting himself into Shoots to star in, TV, Reading and web material, Shows, Performances and various other places. Jordan is going on tour april 2011. To see his work with himself and with his solo/team sponsors and organisations go to his youtube here -> [3]

Now And Upcoming

At this point in time Jordan continues to strive with freerunning in his own way, Teaching workshops around the globe, Starring and featuring in many different TV, film and internet media. Also spreading the love and understanding of the sport, Jordan is continuing to flip, scale, vault and jump around in his own unique way with his Movements and by doing many different pieces of upcoming performances, projects and events to come.

No Limits - Jordan Wilcox

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