Levi Meeuwenberg

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Levi Meeuwenberg

Personal Info
Nickname(s) SkyNative
Born July 8, 1986 (1986-07-08) (age 32)
Traverse City, Michigan, United States
Home Los Angeles, California, United States
Job Professional Freerunner
Height 180 cm
Weight 70 kg
Career History
Years Active 2006-Present
Current Team Tempest Freerunning
Previous Team The Tribe
Website Official Site
Parkour & Ninja Warrior Blog
Tempest Freerunning

Levi Meeuwenberg is an American professional free runner, parkour athlete, ninja warrior and stunt man from Ann Arbor, Michigan.


[edit] Career History

Levi began his career with a bang by performing alongside the Founder of Freerunning, S├ębastien Foucan, in Madonna's Confessions World Tour and Jump music video. Levi has since performed as a stunt man and double for actors in various TV shows and commercials; such as the parkour stunts in the pilot episode of NBC's Chuck, as well as acting as the double for the lead actor in the K-Swiss Freerunning commercial on ESPN.

[edit] Freerunning & Parkour

Later on, Levi initiated a freerunning class in his hometown of Traverse City, Michigan; as well as having helped lead the University of Michigan's Parkour Club. Levi is credited as a founding member of The Tribe freerunning team. In addition, Levi went on to help create AmericanParkour.com, which is now one of the world's largest online parkour and freerunning communities. In 2007, Levi joined Los Angeles based parkour and stunt team, Tempest Freerunning.

[edit] Ninja Warrior (SASUKE)

In the spring of 2008, Levi had joined fellow Tempest freerunner Brian Orosco and competed in the American Ninja Challenge preliminaries for SASUKE 20 (Ninja Warrior on G4TV). Levi's success in the competition lead to him becoming a favored American competitor and would return for SASUKE 21-23, 25, and 26; though dropped out of his spot in SASUKE 26 due to a wrist injury.

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