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Liam "Liamm" Kevan is a free runner from Prescot, a small town on the outskirts of Liverpool. Liamm is a member of TFT. Liamm began freerunning in 2007 when his nan told him about "Jump Britain". He took a break in the April of 2008 due to injury and other issues and began training again properly in October 2008.

Liamm joined the team iTrick in October of 2008, however just after their end of year video was released, one of the members walked out, and subsequently, the team began to fall apart. The remaining members have since picked up the pieces and made a new team, only, they don't have a name...

He is now a member of Apex Media.

There is a lot of myth and confusion surrounding Liamm, some say that he's the only person with enough flow and speed,to run around the world and hit himself in the back of the head.

He believes that the dash gainer is possible.

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