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[edit] The Team

Line Team Traceurs a.k.a. LTT is a Free-running/Parkour/Street-Stunts team from Portugal, formed in April 2006. The team now consists in 7 active members with the average of 3 and a half years of training. The name Line Team Traceurs(Equipa de traceurs da Linha in portuguese) was the second choice after "Parkour Cascais" and both are related to the location of the members and training locals, in Cascais line (Linha de Cascais).

[edit] Members

André Chapelas

André Freitas

Christopher "Chris" Hunstock

Luís "Dinei" Alkmim

Pedro Salgado

Phelip "Phipo" Cores Soares

Sérgio Bödtker-Lund

[edit] Comunity Position

LTT represents the new generation of portuguese practioners which are disclosing and improving in general, Parkour and Freerunning in Portugal In the last 3 years the team has gained a small international recognition with recent media works such as Advertisings, Live Performances and the YouTube Videos as well as competing at Barclaycard World Free-running Championships 2008 and 2009, and Parcouring European Cup 2010.

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