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Peter Spoelma at the edge of the manpower gap

The manpower gap is a famous rooftop gap in Evry, France. The take-off roof has a very small area to run up on, and a rim on the edge which is used to step off. The landing roof is covered in gravel, and it also has a rim which must be cleared on the edge. There is also an extremely large drop in-between the two rooftops.

[edit] History

The gap was first shown in 1999 in a news report about parkour for the French television channel TF1, in which David Belle executed the jump as a part of his 'way to get down from a 4 stories building in 15 seconds'.[1]

It gained further exposure in the film Banlieue 13 (released 2004) when David Belle jumped it to escape pursuers at the end of a chase scene[2], a stunt which he did without the aid of any safety equipment.

The gap has also been made from standing by a handful of traceurs including Yann Hnautra[3], Peter Spoelma[4],Christophe Picot[5]and Jake Vigil. [citation needed]

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