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This article is not intended to be taken seriously.
If when reading this article you find yourself not laughing, check your pulse. You may be dead.

Matt "Smitton" Smitton (July 21, 2002 - January 4, 2009) was a free runner from Moreton, UK. On the morning of Sunday January 4, after spending the night in hospital, he passed away at the age of 7 due to an overdose of fail. He has also been known to cry on numerous occasions, no thanks to Shibby Sean.[1].

[edit] The real Matt Smitton


[edit] Serious "About Matt Smitton"

Matt Smitton is a free runner/traceur from moreton. His date of birth is 21/07/95 and lives in moreton. After Smittons hair cut he is known to be "7 years old" When he is acctualy 14.

[edit] Notes

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