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[edit] Areas with parkour bans in effect

[edit] Moreton, UK

In July 2009, a ban was placed on parkour in Moreton[1], an area just outside Liverpool, UK. This was the first known instance of parkour explicitly being prohibited across a whole town. The reasoning behind the ban was anti-social behaviour linked to practitioners of parkour.[2]

As the parkour scene is very large in the area, many traceurs made efforts to contest the ban, including Daniel Ilabaca. Protests even reached local news stations.[3]

As of August 2010, the ban is still in place.[citation needed]

[edit] Manhattan, New York

On August 21, 2010, it was reported by M2 of American Parkour that parkour, by name, had been banned in parks in The Battery area, and the immediately surrounding downtown area with a $300 fine.[4][5] Original plans to overturn the ban included setting up an online petition[6], and holding jams without regard for the ban[citation needed].

[edit] Notes

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