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The planche hold is similar to a handstand in the sense that your entire body weight is supported only by your hands. The planche is made so much harder by the fact that your body is parallel to the floor[1], so it relies a lot more on upper body strength than balance.

[edit] Variations

  • There are two different types of planche pressup. The first is where you go from a planche and push up into a handstand (also known as Hollow back Press).
  • The other type is a pressup without touching the floor with your feet where your body remains horizontal at all times.[2]
  • On 15th May 2009 snksnpln who is known on Youtube for his strength, uploaded a video of planche clap pressups on a gymnasium floor. Planche pressups are enough of a challenge without the clap and they are renowned for their difficulty.

[edit] Notes

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