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This article describes the common terminology used when describing moves (or other stuff too) when there isn't enough information to require a new article.


[edit] General

  • Plyo: Plyometric, i.e. sprung floor. This is the type of floor used in gymnastics floor events, and is what trickers will make use of while training in a gym.

[edit] Flips

  • Layout - Instead of tucking, the body is fully extended during the flip.
  • X-out - The legs are fully extended out during the middle of a flip. Arms can also be extended to really create a X shape.

[edit] Tricking

  • Cheat: A set-up for spinning kicks. Starting facing the target, you take one step to face away from the target the jump up and after a defined amount of spings, look back to the target to deliver a kick.
  • Hyper: Landing on the opposite leg as the result of over rotating.
  • Missleg: The act of reversing the direction of motion that a leg is travelling in order the do a trick in the new direction.
  • Pop: Taking off from both feet at once
  • Swingthrough: When you land on your take off leg from a move, and swing your power leg into another flip.
  • Wrap through: When you tansition from one move to another, and don't put your second foot down.

[edit] Twists

  • 180: A half spin, i.e. the free runner lands facing the opposite way from his starting point
  • 360: A single full spin, i.e. the free runner lands facing his starting point, and is generally done during a flip, e.g. 360 precision or back fulltwist. Quantifiers like double or triple can be added before full to specify multiple spins.
  • 540: 1.5 spins (a full spin followed by half a spin)
  • Double full: See 720
  • Full twist: See 360