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A round-off is a move originating from gymnastics, and now used in free running and tricking. It can be used as a transition into many moves, the most common being the backflip and its variations.

It is similar to a cartwheel, but instead of coming out on one foot, you land with both feet together facing the way you started, without losing any momentum. This allows for the momentum of a run to be carried through, which, with the help of blocking, gives a large amount of height, making it particularly useful for doing backwards moves which otherwise would be very hard/impossible to do otherwise, such as a double backflip or a backflip 720, as well as others.

To continue to gain further momentum, especially in gymnastics, it is common to follow a round-off with one or more back handsprings before a bigger move.

[edit] Variations

  • Brandy - A roundoff with no hands
  • 360 round-off

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