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The running double gainer (not to be confused with the standing double gainer) involves using the normal running gainer setup, but after the first flip is complete, holding the tuck to make another rotation. So far no one has come close to landing the move on flat, so it is attempted off height, landing in front of the takeoff point.


[edit] History

This section notes all recorded running double gainer attempts outdoors to date[1].

[edit] 2007

  • Zyrken
    On the 28th of July 2007 Zyrken released a short sampler of him doing various flips, towards the end of the sampler Zyrken does a running double gainer off what looks like a garage. While you can't see what he lands on, it looks to be a crash mat because he isn't wearing any shoes.[2]

[edit] 2008

  • Dido
    Delian "Dido" Dimitrov was the first free runner to ever try a J-step double gainer outside. In his video called "dido went mad", he attempts it off a big rock into the sand[3]. Delian doesn't get enough rotation and lands on his belly.

[edit] 2009

  • Stas
    On July 22, 2009, a video was uploaded to the Latvian3runTube Youtube channel which contained Stas[4] attempting a running double gainer down a hill of sand[5]. He lands the move, however his rotation is side-on so technically it is not a gainer. Another attempt is shown where he does rotate straight, but the landing is cut out of the video.
  • Lee
    On 26 October 2009, Youtube user kyDeSnikST released a video of his 17 year old friend Lee from Pskov, Russia, who has supposedly learned all his flips without a gym. Early in the video there is a running double gainer attempt from the top of a slope of sand, which he over-rotates and lands on his butt. The finale of the video is another attempt which is considered by some to be a running triple gainer attempt - the first of it's kind outdoors. He lands on his neck, which some argue isn't far enough for it to count as more than another over-rotated double.[6]

[edit] Notes

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