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Sean "Shibby" Middlebrough (born July 24, 1992), hailed Liverpool, UK has trained parkour since December '05, only starting free running in late 2008.

"I train parkour mostly nowadays because it's just my lifestyle now.
Known to get naked on many occasions."

[edit] Groups/Teams

Currently in Merseyside Parkour (MSPK), A community of free runners/traceurs around Merseyside. Sean has been a member since Summer 2008.
Let in early 2008, was committed to the group and felt a true honor from getting in. Kicked Out early 2008 for having a girlfriend, Capo felt it best to boot him.
Let in Summer 2008, was committed and honoured to the group and performed in the 'Apex Short Showreel' again honoured to be in it.
Kicked Out late 2008, Capo felt it needed to be done as Apex were growing into a professional team of athletes and it was "Business that can't be held back by friendship". Being disappointed, and let down, Shibby understood and had no harsh feelings.
Still friends and trains and sees the group more than most members actually in the group. His team shirt is on his wall.
Founded by Martin Hazzard in early 2006, it was just a group of young free runners consisting of roughly 4-6 members who nowadays have quit or train very little - Like Martin. Shibby was let into the group and was made up to be so young and feel like he wasn't useless.
Shibby & Martin became the voices of the group and were always truly to heart in it.
Martin was the one respected by other members enough to get them to train, Shibby was the brain and was respected enough by Martin for him to follow requests, as he was lazy and only really had the will to do anything if Shibby The Team Mascot willed him on.
This worked out a great relationship and turned into an real strong friendship.