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Team Shadow Parkour was founded by Erik Ostlund, as a means to get people interested in parkour and free running.


[edit] Members

  • Erik Ostlund
  • Michael Nason
  • Luis Vazquez
  • Carlos Anguiano
  • Jenny Trujillo

[edit] Training

Erik Ostlund is the most experienced out of all of the traceurs listed above, so he trains them, sometimes one at a time until they get it right. Then he makes them practice until they are tired and tells them to practice more at home. He also tells them some tips to train safely: don't try anything new without a spotter and some insight, don't overestimate your abilities, and don't start immediately training on concrete.

[edit] History

TSPK was founded in 2008 by Erik Ostlund. He created it after he got Michael Nason interested in parkour. The main purpose of TSPK is to train those who are new to the disciplines or those who were injured for long periods of time and want to start from the beginning. None of its members have sustained any injuries since training. We train safe. We train for long periods of time. We train hard.

[edit] Misc.

It is a local group, not a national or international group.

Carlos Anguiano, Michael Nason, Erik Ostlund, Luis Vazquez, and Jenny Trujillo all go to school together.

All members love bacon. Who doesn't love bacon (besides people who cannot eat it due to their religion)?