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Shock Troopers, are an American parkour/free running group based in Chicago, Illinois. Ben "Strafe" Zumhagen founded the group, and introduced Aaron "Ardamax" Mikottis,and Steve "Tuggles" Tijerina to form the original 3-man team.

The self stated purpose of the group is to "Spread parkour awareness and understanding around the world, whist promoting perfect health and balance through movement and clean living. We want to change to world and make sure that parkour is accessible to anyone who wants to learn. We also seek to inspire and encourage our fellow members to progress in every aspect of their training, be it mental or physcial"

After their inception in fall 2008, they began to gradually recruit more members. Members weren't selected based on skill, but rather, on attitude and dedication to bettering themselves through the training of Parkour or Free-Running. Many of the members who were selected were new, and were selected for their great potential.

"We look for those who are dedicated to what they believe in, people who are willing to try something new and have fun doing it."

The group now consists of 19 athletes.

[edit] Members

The current team members

  • Benjamin "Strafe" Zumhagen
  • Charles "Chuck" Zumhagen
  • Aaron "Ardamax" Mikottis
  • Jacob "Jakers" Dorn
  • Evan "Sync" Sink
  • Ryan "Raj" Jedloe
  • Paul "Spyro" Huizenga
  • Alex "Ajax"
  • Darryl Lloyd
  • Brian "Resta" Bain
  • Jesus "Scales" Crespo
  • Sam "Merlin" Monarrez
  • Chris "ZK" Hal
  • Ozy "Dino" Dzabari
  • Mike "Misha" Larson
  • Brandon "Crash" Reid
  • Steve "Tuggles" Tijerina
  • John "The Jackal" Harris
  • Stephan Roberts

[edit] Stance on Competition

The Shock Troopers have taken a clear stance against competition in Parkour

"Competition and parkour will never mix, because the core essence of parkour is not competition (Unlike all sports). We should all try our best to provide an environment in which people can train parkour without feeling like they need to do better than the guy next to them. It will only lead to injuries and resentment. We need to let people progress at their own safe pace without feeling extra pressure that comes with the competition"

-Ben "Strafe" Zumhagen

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