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XBOX "Slip"

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ReleasedJune 20 2007
FeaturingChase Armitage

Slip, also known as XBox "Slip" or Master Your Environment was a short film released by Microsoft to advertise three new Japanese titles for the XBox 360[1] which starred free runner Chase Armitage. The advertising campaign was shown across many major gaming websites in mid-2007[2].

The film was set in Bloomsbury’s Brunswick Centre and London’s South Bank. The spot begins with a frame used in a previous print campaign. Chase provides the voiceover[citation needed], talking about the point at which he slips, losing a sense of where his body is, finally mastering his environment[3].

It was shot using four HD cameras which shot at 1000 frames per second[3][4] leading to some spectacular slow-motion action shots.

The games went on to sell 446% against planned targets in the first campaign month, and XBox attributes this to the impact of the "Master Your Environment" campaign[4].

[edit] Notes

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