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This article is not intended to be taken seriously.
If when reading this article you find yourself not laughing, check your pulse. You may be dead.


Team FishTricks is currently the world's top tricking team with members from all over the world. It currently has eleven members who have backgrounds in parkour and freerunning.



It was founded in 2009 by Mike Corr (A.K.A. Fishtricks) , a tricker from England, whom swiftly added Ed Gee and Marcus Fairclough, his 'homeboys' to the roster. Following a harsh selection process, James 'Gal' Gallow, Khalid 'Khalid' Abdallah, Ian 'Iron Lion' Lyon Liam 'Liamm' Kevan were added, quickly followed by Nick 'Pikey' Pike and Tom 'TomTee' Tarbuck. Chance Arnold has been told that he has explicitly rejected TFT, but he does not remember when. Though Chance's reasons for lack of memory have been questioned, he is currently awaiting the clearing of confusion about his status among TFT. Edit: Chance is now part of TFT.

The team is sponsored, as are many teams, by Boost Energy, and are planning a sampler, however we are waiting for Marcus to get better at kicks and for Liamm to grow some balls and try to snapuswipe outside. Also waiting for Fishtricks to get some half decent tricking skills.

Stormin' Norman

They have a sick ass mascot, at the moment called 'Stormin' Norman The Norman Gnome' (

However, after Norman's first stop on his Serious Awesomeness Tour, on 8th August 2009, at the 3RUN Family Jam he went missing. Upon further investigation it was found that Norman was turned into a bong, smoked and left in a field by super secret teammember Lewis Scandrett and friends. Discussions are now underway as to whether Lewis should be allowed to keep his place in the team.


By signing your name at the bottom of this page, you agree that you will never leave TFT or its affiliated teams, and if you do so, you will have to sacrifice your kneecaps (vids or it didn't happen rule applys here). You also agree that every job you get will be associated with the Team, and if applicable, your money will be distributed fairly

Team Members

  • Adam Leslie (Adzz)
  • Chance Arnold (Chance)
  • Ed Gee (EdGee)
  • Ian Lyon (Ian Lyon)
  • James Hunt (Gal)
  • Khalid Abdallah (Khalid)
  • Liam Kevan (Liamm)
  • Marcus Fairclough (Marcuspwns)
  • Mike Corr (FishTricks)
  • Nick Pike (TraceurPikey)
  • Tom Tarbuck (TomTee)