Toby Kipling

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This article is not intended to be taken seriously.
If when reading this article you find yourself not laughing, check your pulse. You may be dead.

Toby Kipling is a Parkour and freerambling expert. He is widely regarded as the best parkour or, tractor, in the world. Toby kipling is mensioned in the philosphy of parkour by David Belle, as his mentor and all round good partner.

Toby has been in many films and documentaries such as:

  • Spinal Tap
  • Llamas with hats (as the dead human)
  • Barbie goes wild
  • Revenge of the Sorosh
  • Teenage mutant ninja Toby kipling
  • Yeah buddy!
  • Light weight

As a young athelete, Toby has been able to exerience the compansionship and help from many great parkourists from around the world such as, EZ Styla, Sorosh, Zak (that chinese kid from the world freerun champs), chris crocker and that kid that looks like a dinosaur.

Tobys well known Parkouring moves are the:

  • Ankledestroyersideflop
  • Heelgrabtermination
  • Ablo Poko
  • Askaninja
  • Why wont my parakkee eat my diaarrea, is it because of my diet?
  • Pero no mucho
  • Porkay en mi esqualer
  • Mi proffeseurere
  • Es moi mallo!