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A triple backflip consists of three consecutive backflip rotations performed in one, before coming into contact with the ground. The move is extremely challenging due to the speed of rotation which needs to be reached and maintained.

Although no free runner is known to have landed the move outside, it is not uncommon in powertumbling[1] and has been landed in gymnastics events[2]. In free running the move can be executed from either standing or a round-off, and from height or on flat.


[edit] History

[edit] 2006

  • Chase Armitage performed the move off a high cliff into water in his 2006 showreel[3]. Although the move is commonplace in diving[citation needed], Chase is presumed to be the first free runner to have performed this feat.

[edit] 2008

  • Brett Curry is one of the only free runners to attempt the move from standing from a height into a foam pit, from a height of around 2 metres.[4]

[edit] 2009

  • A notable effort at the move from a round-off setup was made by a member of the HGF Idiots team, who attempted the flip off the edge of a sand dune, although he clipped the ground half way through the final rotation.[5]

[edit] 2010

  • A video filmed in Moscow, released in June 2010 featured an attempted roundoff triple backflip outdoors - from a roof onto mats. The athlete landed on his hands and knees, but considering the height was only about 10', it was still relatively close[6]

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