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Tsvetan Stefanov Hristov is also known as "Cetkata", which translated into Bulgarian language "Cetkata" = "The Sift". He is ~ 6'6 (2 meters tall) making him the tallest known free runner so far. He is not always in the top athletes, but his performance is good enough to wake up the crowd and hear a ringing cheer.

After starting training in 2006 as a joke, Tsvetan has stared as himself in a Parkour / Free running Documentary film called "Parkour - Way of Life" that was a huge hit in Bulgaria. Over 200,000 DVD copies with a Teen Magazine and National TV spotlight.

He had the chance to go to the 1st ever Freerun / Parkour event in the World - The Red Bull Art of Motion held in Vienna on 6-th October 2007. Than after a couple of injuries during training, he had to take some time off. In 2008 he was called to join the best athletes in the world at the Barclaycard World Freerun Championships on 3rd September 2008, held for the very first time in London at the Roundhouse. In 2008 Tsvetan also led team Bulgaria to the Parcouring World Championship in Hamburg on the 3, 4 and 5-th of October and a world champion in Style category was born - Delyan "D1d0" Dimitrov. In March of 2009 came out the TV Show Game "Fort Boyard 3 Nations vol.2" filmed at FORT BOYARD - France. He came back to Bulgaria as a winner of the format with his team BG4. The show was broadcasted in Serbia, Turkey and Bulgaria by FOX Networks (Bulgarian BTV). To be continued ... --

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