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This article is not intended to be taken seriously.
If when reading this article you find yourself not laughing, check your pulse. You may be dead.

James Hunt, June 19th 2009
James "Gallow" Hunt is a tricker from San Diego, California and is a Team Fishtricks member. James was born May 7th 1993.


[edit] His rise

[edit] Handstands

When James was a teenager, he found himself often bored. One day, he saw on the Internet a parkour video. James' journey into the movement world had begun. He was very interested in hand balancing. Training hours a day, he developed great strength and balance. His first videos on Youtube showed a long haired teen with surreal handstands[1].

[edit] Parkour

That wasn't enough for the young athetle. Once he had developed enough strength, he moved onto parkour. He was in heaven. The possibilities of the discipline inspired him. Often, James would not sleep, thinking all night of the moves he wanted to accomplish the next day.

[edit] Tricking

Once he had mastered all parkour techniques, James wanted another challenge. That's when he learnt to land a side flip. From there, James learnt alot of flips and kicks, making him a tricker. With a background in handstands and parkour, James is now believed to be the tricker with the most potential in the world.


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Watch on Youtube
ReleasedJune 5, 2009
CreatorJames Hunt
FeaturingJames Hunt

[edit] His fall

On June 5, 2009, James attempted a roundoff arabian, and, in his own words, he forgot what was going on. He could see the ground, so he thought he must be about to land on his feet, but instead he bailed[2].

[edit] Name

Since he was an infant[citation needed], James has gone by the nickname Gallow, until January 1, 2009 at 00:00 when he successfully made the first post of 2009[3]. His prize was initially Family Member status accompanied with a ban, but he declined this, and his new prize was the modification of his nickname to


It is now considered impolite to refer to him as "Gallow" without the newline, although he will sometimes introduce himself as

Those who can't do, talk.

[edit] The Sampler

Rumors are starting to appear about a sampler he would soon release, but it has not been confirmed yet. Word has it that he will be appearing in the 3run Fellas sampler What is 3run Fellas?? Never heard of it.

[edit] Trivia

  • He is known for making the "Sean Babas is Dead" thread. In which he recieved much hate for saying the one of the most popular members, Sean Babas, Had overdosed on children's aspirin by taking two pills. Sean was in on it the whole time.
  • Rename a guest as James Hunt then click on the car to go into drive mode[4].

[edit] Snacks

James eats a lot of "snacks", he is often known to "brb snack" while in mid conversation.

  • It is not always clear if he is going to the 'Snack Bar'or just to his kitchen, sometimes he goes elsewhere to fuel such as 'Burger King' or 'Taco Bell'

[edit] The reason they call me gal

No it's not because I take stupid unnecessary gals.

The first thing that was caused by me that changed the way I thought about everyday training is my first theory on gals, It's kinda hard to explain but I'll give it a shot.

If you jump you open yourself up to succession & failure. If you choose not to, you close the door on succession and open the door of security. Would you rather have the chance of success yet failure, or no chance of failure but walk away unsuccessful?

This is the basic idea, however you could say the basic Idea to "Chaos Theory" is anything can happen.

Basically I find it hard to put into words.

Tell me what you think.

[edit] Notes

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