Virtual Parkour Revolution

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Founded by Martin Hazzard in early 2006, Virtual Parkour Revolution (or VPR) was a group of young free runners consisting of roughly 4-6 members who nowadays have quit or train very little, such as Martin. Sean "Shibby" Middleborough was let into the group and was made up to be so young and feel like he wasn't useless[citation needed].

Shibby & Martin became the voices of the group and were always truely to heart in it[citation needed]. Martin was the one respected by other members enough to get them to train[citation needed], Shibby was the brain and was respected enough by Martin for him to follow requests[citation needed], as he was lazy[citation needed]

Shibby left late 2007 as videos were being released with flips in it and knew this was not parkour as noted in the group name. The group died shortly after[citation needed].

Re-Launched again mid 2008, as Shibby got booted from Apex Media, It started again with the old spirit again. The group died shortly after, again.